Awareness raise and training of teachers and pupils from Valeni

On April 21, 2021, on the occasion of Earth Day, the Ecotox association organized an awareness and training activity with students and teachers of the "Ștefan cel Mare" gymnasium from Văleni village, Cahul district. The action, which took place outdoors, along with a cleanup activity organized togehter with WiSDOM association was attended by 52 students and 3 teachers. Participants were trained by AO Ecotox members how to collect plastic for recycling, how to minimize volume in order to protect rivers from the impact of pollution, which has a very negative effect on biodiversity and human health. Teachers Crăciun Anastasia, Țarălungă Valeria and Burcă Mariana listened with great interest and acknowledged that such information is very important for the formation of conscientious attitudes towards the environment and it is a pity that so many deposits of waste were discovered near the Prut River, because they reach the river and are taken to the Black Sea, posing a danger to biodiversity. It was agreed that some online lessons would be needed to allow more students and teachers to participate.